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World Leaders: Quiz
Who leads each of the following countries?
    1. Guatemala
    2. Japan
    3. New Zealand
    4. South Africa
    5. Sweden

a. Jimmy Morales   b. Rafael Nadal  c. Juan Guaidó
a. Shinzō Abe  b. Ichiro Suzuki  c. Naomi Osaka
a. David Cameron  b. Keith Urban  c. Jacinda Ardern
a. Cyril Ramaphosa  b. Kawhi Leonard   c. Desmond Tutu
a. Björn Borg   b. Stefan Löfven  c. Stephen Curry

    (Answers below)
World Leaders Map
The World Leaders are  1. Guatemala:  a          2. Japan: a       
    3. New Zealand:  c      4. South Africa:  a       5. Sweden:  b
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